Let's learn from each other to build a better future

We spoke to our network about the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on the UK and how the Sustainable Development Goals can help us build a better future. This blog captures 5 important themes of the discussions and what these mean for the Decade of Action. Read more

We can all tackle the root causes of hunger

Hunger is usually a symptom of poverty but is also the result of a complex set of factors, not simply lack of employment or income. Dan Crossley, Executive Director at the Food Ethics Council, tells us what we need to do to tackle the root causes of poverty and hunger. Read more

Food: Making space for nature

Making space for nature is a concept many people embrace in their everyday lives. This might be by feeding the birds or via membership of a wildlife charity. But how often do we consider the potential to make space for nature in the businesses we operate? At a time when we may have more distance to reflect Lucy Bjorck, Senior Policy Officer at the RSPB, explores making space for nature in the food value chain. Read more

Food waste – a global problem, with local solutions

A third of all food produced for human consumption is wasted and the impact of it is far-reaching. Food waste is a global problem - from intensifying food insecurity and malnutrition - to the significant contributions it makes to global greenhouse gas emissions. In this blog Sarah Ottaway, Sustainability and Social Value Lead at SUEZ, argues food waste needs more attention if we want to create a better food system for people and planet. Read more

We need a better plan for food in the UK

Organisations in UKSSD’s Food System Programme are working together to produce a roadmap for the UK food sector so they can play their part to accelerate progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this blog Jason Perks of UKSSD’s steering group and Senior Director of Sustainability at DNV GL explains why this roadmap is needed. Read more

Hope for the future: Our SDG action plan

Our 2030 action plan has been launched. But why are we doing it? Our Co-chair Jeff Twentyman explains why the action plan is crucial for the UK if it’s to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Read more

The UK’s food system - a tale of two halves

Our 2018 landmark report, Measuring up, showed that the UK was only performing well on 24% of the Sustainable Development Goal targets. As we work with our partners to accelerate progress on the Goals, UKSSD Network Director Emily Auckland explains why we’ve chosen to start with the UK’s broken food system. Read more

Why how we work together is important

At our recent workshop with Bond, we helped people explore the importance of how we work together on the Sustainable Development Goals, rather than what we are trying to achieve. In this blog, UKSSD Network Director Emily Auckland shares her reflections on the event Read more

You’ve declared a climate emergency, so what now?

An increasing number of businesses, charities and local governments are declaring climate emergencies. But a declaration only goes so far. In this blog Emily Auckland, UKSSD Network Director, explains why the Sustainable Development Goals give organisations a practical and comprehensive tool to deliver on their declaration. Read more

The climate crisis: why the UK needs to stay on the front foot

The UK needs to mobilise commitment and resources, and go much further and faster to address the climate crisis. In this blog Lucian Hudson, Chair of Earthwatch Europe, urges for greater concerted action by the UK Government in leading the world in climate mitigation. Read more

Smoothing the road for Agenda 2030 in Scotland

Without the right culture, it’s easy to talk ourselves out of collaboration and simpler to avoid challenging the dynamics that come with partnership working. In this blog Paul Bradley, Policy & Campaigns Officer at SCVO, argues that when it comes to the Sustainable Development Goals we can’t afford to get this culture wrong. Read more

UK Voluntary National Review: good signs of progress but it’s a missed opportunity

On 26 June 2019 the UK Government published its Voluntary National Review on the Sustainable Development Goals. In this blog we share some of the highlights and challenges in the review. Read more

Eight reasons to be cheerful

Almost a year since we published our landmark report, Measuring up, parliamentarians took part in the first Commons debate on the Sustainable Development Goals since they were agreed in 2015. As momentum continues to build, UKSSD Network Director Emily Auckland explains why she refuses to be swayed from her belief that the UK can achieve the Goals. Read more

Five things we’ve learnt about localising the Sustainable Development Goals

While the UK Government has done little to facilitate the adoption of the SDGs by local actors, there are pockets of activity emerging from the bottom-up to make our cities and communities safer and more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable. Kristina Diprose, from Realising Just Cities, reflects on lessons from a recent workshop on localising the Sustainable Development Goals co-organised with UKSSD. Read more

Smoke and mirrors? The UK Voluntary National Review Main Messages

On 17 May the UK Government published its Main Messages from its Voluntary National Review on the Sustainable Development Goals. In this blog Dominic White, advocacy lead for the UKSSD Steering Group, explains why the reflective tone is positive but the absence of detail continues to leave us waiting for the review itself. Read more

We need to put people at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. In this blog Andreas Pavlou, from Involve, explains that to tackle complicated and interconnected issues we need citizens and government to work together. Read more

Solving the stakeholder engagement challenge

UKSSD’s partners working with local communities use a variety of approaches to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), from informal networks to working with local councils. Here we share five common ways they work to implement the SDGs through stakeholder engagement Read more

Forests: A breath of fresh air?

Air is a non-negotiable requirement for most living things but in the increasingly industrialised world the quality of our air is a major concern. Forests could hold the key. In this blog Tallulah Chapman, Communications Manager of Forest Stewardship Council UK, explains how. Read more