What is health? Sustainable Development Goal 3 in the UK

On World Health Day the World Health Organisation called on world leaders to live up to the pledges they made in 2015 when they agreed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this blog The Health Foundation explore how to achieve Goal 3 and what we mean by health in the UK.Read more

Better Retail Better World: the bridge to 2030

To announce their partnership with UKSSD, Leah Riley Brown from the British Retail Consortium shares their new initiate Better Retail Better World, a piece of work that brings together and scales the actions of retailers to support the SDGs.Read more

Why built environment professionals are on the frontline of healthcare

Sustainable Development Goal 3 seeks to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all. Bioregional’s Anthony Probert looks at why people building our homes and communities are well placed to help achieve this goal in the UKRead more

A student perspective on the Sustainable Development Goals

What does it mean to be a future healthcare professional in the UK and to feel a sense of responsibility for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals? Meg Rawlins, Vet student at RVC and member of Students for Global Health explains.Read more

The big picture: The built environment sector embraces the Goals

This years’ ecobuild event challenged the UK’s built environment sector to raise its level of ambition and support for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We explore discussions from the three-day event and opportunities for further action.Read more

Single Departmental Plans and the Sustainable Development Goals

The UK Government’s Single Departmental Plans could be a key cross-Government mechanism for planning delivery of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals but from what we’ve seen so far, more work is needed if they’re to achieve that. Georgina Chandler from RSPB shares this analysis from the Bond SDG Group.Read more

How to influence individuals to drive action on the Sustainable Development Goals

Last week we ran our first skill-builder workshop focused on influencing people to drive action for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with Charlotte and Jo from creative change agency, Impact. In this blog we share three areas of learning from the day.Read more

Millennials hold the key to building sustainable business

Millennials have enormous value to contribute to the workplace – provided we give them the opportunity to do so. In this blog, Francesca Sharp from ICAEW explains her recent experiences at the One Young World event.Read more

Why we must support young people to monitor national progress on the SDGs

Young people can play a formative role in citizen-led review of the Sustainable Development Goals using data. In this blog, Keya Khandaker of Accountability Advocates argues that organisations must support young people to collect data and support them to tell the UK government to do better on the SDGs.Read more

The CYCLES project: Finding ways for young people to live well in cities

Finding ways for young people to live well in cities is one of the most urgent and difficult tasks confronting all communities. The CYCLES project studies young lives, wellbeing and prosperity in seven cities. Sylvia Nissen from CUSP explains the project and some early findings.Read more

The Global Goals: an urgent and timely call for systems thinking and innovative partnerships

Two years after the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals there are still too few champions, ambassadors and implementers of this ambitious agenda. There are also too few partnerships for the goals being showcased, to inspire others and invite further ac-tion. Valérie Amato explains why now is the time to act.Read more

Three ways for businesses to support the Sustainable Development Goals

There’s a lot of talk about why businesses need to get behind the Sustainable Development Goals, but working out how to do this is not as easy. Colin Curtis from TBL Services shares three tips to help you get started.Read more

SDG16 and the importance of participation: How is the UK approaching this challenge?

Goal 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals is a crucial part of delivering sustainable development. In this blog, Andrea Westall, of the Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development, explores the UK Government’s approach to the Goal.Read more

Three things we need to build strong partnerships for the SDGs

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals requires collective action but our approach to working together needs to reflect the way that sectors have, and are, evolving. Emily Auckland explains.Read more

Reporting national progress on the SDGs: indicators and prioritisation in the UK

The UK has committed to reporting on national progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. But how should the UK approach the 232 statistical indicators adopted as the global way of measuring progress? The Office of National Statistics consultation is just the start of the conversation says Graham Long, from the Institute for Sustainability at Newcastle University.Read more

Challenging the UK’s food system to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals offer us an opportunity to challenge a food system in the UK that is unhealthy, unfair and unsustainable. In this blog, Robin Hinks from the Food Foundation explains why and how.Read more

The impact of small businesses on the Global Goals

What impact can SMEs have on the Sustainable Development Goals in the UK? "A lot" says Carolina Karlstrom, in this blog she explains why and suggests some simple actions SMEs can take.Read more

Are Science Based Targets the solution for measuring business contributions to the SDGs?

Companies are struggling to measure their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. Science Based Targets could offer a solution says Priti Hoffman from DNV GLRead more

We’ve voted, what now for sustainable development?

After the pause in action following the calling of a snap election Emily Auckland asks what’s next for UKSSD’s work on the Sustainable Development Goals with the Government?Read more

Learning with Impact International on the shores of Lake Windermere

In the first week of June we joined our partners Impact International for their annual event, Learnfest. Emily Auckland reflects on what she learnt at this one-of-a-kind event on the shores of Lake Windermere.Read more

Celebrating 60: Looking back and moving forwards

As we celebrate PwC becoming our 60th Partner, UKSSD Network Director, Emily Auckland, reflects on what we’ve achieved and what we need to do next.Read more

No hiding place: Why the UK can no longer ignore inequality

The UK is so unequal that the richest 1,000 people have amassed as much wealth as the poorest 40 per cent of the population put together. In this blog Lucy Shaddock from The Equality Trust explores the inclusion of inequality in the Sustainable Development Goals and the Governments response.Read more

The Government has no clear plan for the Global Goals in the UK

Today the Environmental Audit Committee launched its report on the Sustainable Development Goals in the UK. Emily Auckland reflects on the report and discussions from the day.Read more

DFID's approach to the SDGs in the UK and beyond

There is much to be welcomed in the government’s first attempt at outlining a UK response to the Sustainable Development Goals at home and abroad. Dr Graham Long explores what’s good, and what’s missing, on behalf of UKSSD.Read more