A national review needs national conversation

The success of the SDGs will be determined by the willingness of governments to implement them in a deep and open dialogue with stakeholders. In this blog Paul Bradley, SDG Network Scotland Coordinator, explains how stakeholders are working with the Scottish Government to make sure this happens.Read more

'Making Global Goals Local Business'

In 2018 the UN Global Compact Network UK ran its second Sustainable Development Goal roadshow in 11 UK cities. In this blog Marc Robin, Global Goals Programme Manager, shares their lessons on local business engagement.Read more

We need to work together if we’re to stem the tide of denial and fake news

The urgent need to act for the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement is being drowned out by political narratives and Brexit. In this blog Neil Johnston, CEO of Paddington Development Trust, argues that our communities offer a solution if we can build unity and speak with one voice.Read more

Local action can provide a solution to the SDGs

If we want the UK to achieve the SDGs, and to make sure that all people benefit, action needs to take place at all levels of society and reflect the unique contexts of regions, cities and communities. Some of our Partners are leading this charge, here we share some of their experiences.Read more

How information can help consumers support the SDGs

Individuals are critical in driving the change towards better environmental and societal outcomes. In this blog Jo Hand, Co-founder of Giki, explains how their app makes it easy for consumers to make informed choices to help the UK achieve SDG12 on sustainable consumption and production.Read more

The four things you need to know to get started with the Sustainable Development Goals

There’s a lot of information available on the Sustainable Development Goals. If you’re new to them, getting the basics right will make life a lot easier. Emily Auckland, UKSSD Network Director, shares four things you need to knowRead more

Partner view: Mike Hanson, BaxterStorey

To celebrate becoming UKSSD’s 100th Partner, we ask Mike Hanson, Head of Sustainable Business at BaxterStorey, what the Sustainable Development Goals mean to their business, the opportunity for the food service and hospitality sector and why they’ve joined UKSSDRead more

Why we need to work with, and for, young people for the SDGs to succeed

On Friday 30 November 2018, thousands of school children in 30 cities and towns in Australia skipped school to protest about the Australian Government’s inadequate climate policies. In this blog Tara Walsh, Senior Learning Designer at MakeMatic, explains why young people hold the key to SDG successRead more

Three ways impact investing can deliver the Sustainable Development Goals

With the growth of impact investing, Joseph Harshbarger of SeedTribe shares three ways this form of investment can deliver the Sustainable Development GoalsRead more

Shoehorning the Sustainable Development Goals

How can we make sure that Government policies are coherent across our economic, social and environmental systems? Prof. Stephen Martin reports on his learning following an OECD event exploring Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development.Read more

What does consumption need to look like in 2030?

What does consumption need to look like in 2030? How do we transform how we live, work and do business? At a workshop with our Partners at Bioregional, we explored the challenges of overconsumption in the UK through the lens of Sustainable Development Goal 12 on a bright morning in November.Read more

This show does not have to go on

Last week leaders from across the UK’s faith communities came together to support a letter to the Prime Minister, calling on her to act on her duty to deliver the SDGs. In this blog Emily Auckland, UKSSD's Network Director, challenges us all to use our voice to eradicate poverty in the UK.Read more

Material to who? An alternative for business action on the Sustainable Development Goals

Transformational action is needed if we’re to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 – under 12 years from now. Emily Auckland, UKSSD Network Director, proposes an alternative approach for business action on the Goals, starting with understanding who the Goals matter for and are material toRead more

Picking cherries or peeling onions? Making an impact on the Sustainable Development Goals

Organisations are embracing the Sustainable Development Goals but how do they decide what to measure to aid effective decision-making? Catherine Manning from Social Value UK shares her views.Read more

Three essential lessons for driving action on the Sustainable Development Goals

Three-years ago global leaders gathered at the United Nations in New York and committed to the Sustainable Development Goals. As Farooq Ullah steps down as Co-chair of UKSSD, he looks back at our last three years to celebrate what he sees as our greatest successes.Read more

How cruelty free cosmetic production could help deliver the SDGs

Within the 2030 Agenda, there is very little reference to protecting animals or the benefits that this could bring to achieving a better planet for all. Jack McQuibban of Cruelty Free International, one of UKSSD’s newest partners, shares his thoughts on the need for greater recognition of the positive role protecting animals could have on the Sustainable Development Goals.Read more

Cities could help the UK achieve the SDGs but they’re not on track, yet

Our cities and communities are an integral part of the UK. Thomas Bugler from Sysdoc explores how to ensure these important focal points for UK social, economic and cultural development continue to advance the SDGs.Read more

Measuring up in The Big Apple

Following the launch of our Measuring up report we were fortunate to be able to join stakeholders from around the world at the UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in New York. The annual event has shown we’re on the right track – but there’s more work to do.Read more

How business and civil society together can harness consumers’ voices to support Sustainable Development Goal 12

Seven million people have joined the fight to end cosmetic animal testing. As The Body Shop becomes UKSSD’s 90th Partner, Jessie Macneil-Brown shares how business and civil society can work together to harness consumers’ voices to support SDG12.Read more

The UK - A great nation that is failing too many of its citizens

Following his work on Measuring up, Professor John McKendrick of Glasgow Caledonian University asks why a great nation like the UK is failing too many of its citizens and what chance we have of achieving Sustainable Development Goal 1 – to end poverty in all its forms everywhere.Read more

Why the UK needs to build greater resilience against climate risks today

How can the UK take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts? Fiona Franklin from Earthwatch Europe considers the importance of building resilience against the risks of climate change.Read more

Progress on Goal 12 should start at home, and it needs to be aspirational

Sustainable consumption and production needs to be easy and sexy says Sue Riddlestone OBE of Bioregional. In this blog she explains how we could get started on Goal 12 in the UKRead more

Substantially increase the share of renewable energy by 2030? Not on today’s sloped playing field

The UK needs to substantially increase the share of renewable energy by 2030 to achieve Target 7.2 of the Sustainable Development Goals. Poppy Maltby from Regen explores whether this is possible given today’s sloped playing field.Read more

Our blue backyard, why the UK needs to do more for our ocean health

Our oceans have been fundamentally changed by human activity and the UK must go further if it’s going to achieve Goal 14. Alec Taylor of WWF UK has reason to hope a transformation is not too far awayRead more