In light of the UK Government’s Voluntary National Review and UKSSD’s landmark report Measuring upwe will explore progress towards the Goals, the gap between ambition and our current performance, and the value of the Goals given the current political context. 

The roundtable will provide organisations with an opportunity to share their views and identify possible areas for collaboration. 

This event is for representatives of charities with a delivery focus in the UK. We are particularly keen to have representatives from organisations that have a social justice focus. 

About this event 

This event forms part of a UKSSD research project to explore the SDGs in the UK and the views of different sectors. The content of the roundtable will be recorded for research purposes but comments will not be attributed to individuals. 

The main messages may be used in a policy briefing or similar publication. We would like to include a reference to the organisations that have been engaged in the research to demonstrate the breadth of it. We will seek your permission for this in writing.

Background Context 

In 2015, world leaders committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Together the 17 Goals and their associated targets help us work together towards a future that is free of poverty, where inequalities are reduced and where we’ve combatted the climate and ecological emergency. 

In 2018 UKSSD published it’s landmark report, Measuring up, which showed for the first time how the UK is performing on the SDGs. And while there’s an enormous amount to celebrate, the most vulnerable people and places in our society are increasingly being left behind.

Measuring up is the most comprehensive review of the current situation in the UK conducted to date. It tells us what is happening in the UK for people, the environment and the economy.

Subsequently, the UK Government published its own review of progress on the SDGs through a Voluntary National Review. The response to this has been mixed. For reference please see UKSSD’s scorecard of this process 

Leonard Cheshire has been actively involved in influencing the SDGs at a global level, with a specific focus on ensuring that no-one is left behind in the achievement of these 17 goals. Our work on the SDGs has included advocating for the need for improved data collection and the development of a disabilitydataportal that is helping to fill some of the current data gaps for people with disabilities. We were involved in the UK’s Voluntary National Review and have conducted initial work to raise awareness of the SDGs among UK Disabled People’s Organisations.

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