This is a partner only event. Please check if you're organisation is a partner before registering. 

Can the Sustainable Development Goals help us address the climate emergency? 

Join us for a virtual huddle
23 April, 9.30-11am 

We know you like to meet in person but with Corvid-19 we think it's safer you stay at home and we do our bit to help the NHS respond to this emergency. 

So we're going to huddle virtually. 

Join us on 23 April to help us explore if and how the SDGs help us address the climate emergency and if we might do more to amplify them while the focus is on COP26. 

Please register below. 

We don't have particularly fancy software so we're going to experiment and see how we do.

We want this to be interactive and for you to participate, so you will need to have a computer with video and microphone, and be available for the full time slot. 

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