The 17 Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development encompass a wide range of ambitious objectives, from ending poverty, to improving global health, providing education for all, and mitigating climate change. The private sector role in achieving these goals is widely understood; however, it is often viewed as consisting exclusively of financing development initiatives, generating economic growth, job creation, or tax revenue.

SDG 16, relating to peace, justice and strong institutions, presents a set of issues of particular salience to the private sector, including a number of factors that directly foster stable business environments. This conference will consider various questions arising from the intersection of business and SDG 16, including:

  • Why should the business community engage to advance SDG 16's themes of peace, justice and strong institutions?
  • In what ways might the SDGs generally, and SDG 16 in particular, be "good for business"?
  • What is the business community's role in advancing SDG 16? What tools and instruments can help the private sector work to advance the Goal? How can the private sector engage with other stakeholders, including government, in advancing SDG 16?
  • What are actions, both internal and external, that business can take to concretely advance SDG 16?
  • Does commitment to SDG16 conflict with or complement other compliance and reporting requirements, including on human rights?
  • How and where should the private sector deploy its resources in an effective way to meet these various obligations?