Throughout the 250 page review the UK Government acknowledges the important role stakeholders play in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals. We need to wait for details to emerge but after four years of asking, we're pleased that a stakeholder engagement mechanism is formally being committed to in the review. effective mechanism will also be established to enhance stakeholder engagement and cooperation with government in the domestic sphere. 

Unfortunately, there is no commitment to develop a national plan for the implementation of the Goals, though it does state that 'the UK government will review and further strengthen existing means and mechanisms to oversee its contribution to domestic delivery of the Goals'. 

There is no sense that the VNR will lead to the Goals being coordinated by a more appropriate domestic department or that there will be a widespread communications campaign to raise awareness across the UK.

What is a Voluntary National Review? 

As part of the global review process on the Sustainable Development Goals, countries are asked voluntarily submit a report to the UN at least every four years on their progress towards the Goals. The UK will present it's review at the High Level Political Forum in July and then again during the UN General Assembly in September. 

We've previously criticised the Government for a selective and limited approach to stakeholder engagement during the review, for the absence of a national plan and the lack leadership across government on the Goals.