What do you want from the new Prime Minister?

What could the new Prime Minister do to help the UK achieve the Sustainable Development Goals? Share your ambitions, so we can work together to brief the next Prime Minister on their implementation. Read more

Measuring up: How the UK is performing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

UKSSD’s report, Measuring up, shows for the first time how the UK is performing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. And while there’s an enormous amount to celebrate, the most vulnerable people and places in our society are increasingly being left behind. Read more

Celebrate the women leading the UK's SDG action on International Women's Day

Join UKSSD on Twitter at 2pm on 8 March 2018 and shout out to the women who are leading action on the Sustainable Development Goals in the UK using #SDGwomen Read more

Work with us

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UK performance against the SDGs

The Institute for Sustainability at Newcastle University has completed a preliminary research project which searches for and evaluates UK data that reflects the UK's performance against the Sustainable Development Goal Indicators and Targets. Read more

No poverty

Summary text for no poverty thematic area Read more

With your MP

Telling your MP or local elected representatives about the things that matter to you is a good way to get them to support and care for those issues too. Read more

In your organisation

Organisations from all sectors and industries have a role to play in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals. Talking to colleagues and exploring how your organisation can align is a great first step in creating a positive change. Read more

Tell us about...

Do you have an exciting sustainable development project, event or blog? If so, we want to hear from you. Read more

Parliamentary Evidence

In 2016 UKSSD coordinated written evidence submissions for two parliamentary committee inquiries on the Sustainable Development Goals in the UK. Read more

Open Letter to the Prime Minister

On the 16th January 2016 UKSSD coordinated an open letter to the Prime Minister which was published in The Times. Over 80 major businesses united to call on the Government to demonstrate its commitment to delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the UK and overseas. Read more

ONS Consultation

UKSSD supported the Office of National Statistics to seek the views of non-governmental organisations on how the ONS should report progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals Read more

Steering Group

The Steering Group are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the network and the strategic development of the network. Read more


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BSDC Better Business, Better World Report

In January 2017 the Business and Sustainable Development Commission launched a new report that shows how inclusive and sustainable business models could unlock $12 trillion (US) a year by 2030. Read more

Privacy policy

Our privacy policy explains how we collect and use your data. Read more

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Tell the most inspiring stories of your beneficiaries to inspire visitors to your site. You can use quotes/summaries elsewhere on your site and/or link to individual case study pages. Read more

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