UNGC-UK & PRI: Aligning investors and companies to advance the SDGs

Are investors looking for companies to be engaging with the Sustainable Development Goals? What types of activity would they like to see? What information do they want from companies? Join a discussion about how investors can help drive corporate action on the SDGs and how to align investor expectations with corporate actions.Read more

SDG Network - Meetup: Gaming, education & the SDGs

UKSSD friend Carolina Karlstrom has set up a thriving Meetup group called the SDGs Network. Their next meeting will explore gaming, education and the SDGs with speakers from Ecoed Game, Beyond Human Stories and Ocean Generation. Read more

Ecosystems Knowledge Network: Natural Capital Investment Conference

A major conference taking place in London on 1st March 2018 will identify the best ways of securing much-needed investment in the UK’s natural environment. The Natural Capital Investment Conference will mark a significant step forward in the quest for new ways of financing the restoration of natural features such as woodland and wetland. Read more