Become a partner

To become a partner of UKSSD we ask you to provide us with:

  • A letter of support from your CEO or equivalent - we’ll provide you with a template letter for you to amend as you wish.
  • Permission to use your logo on our website and publicity materials (please provide us with high resolution versions)
  • Provide us with information about your organisation and activities of relevance to UKSSD to go on your partner profile on our website
  • Willingness to spend time discussing how you can proactively support the network to achieve its objectives based on our current workplan. This is based on your organisations circumstances and could include co-hosting events, donating space or staff resources, or making a financial contribution to cover our costs.

Once you’re a partner of UKSSD we ask you to:

  • Share your views to help build on our strategy, feeding in to activities or responding to consultations.
  • Be open to honest discussions about how you can actively engage with the work of the network, whether this is hosting events, donating space or staff resources, or making a financial contribution to cover our costs.
  • Update us on your work and provide us with information to share on our website, including events, publications or new projects
  • Engage in our digital presence – write blogs for us, share news items and contribute to newsletters when asked
  • Share information about UKSSD with your networks and act as an ambassador for our work. We’ll provide you with suggested text, social media posts, slides and images.
  • Use our UKSSD Partner logo on your website or other marketing collateral, following our guidelines to do so.
  • Support us on social media, particularly Twitter, by following our profile and sharing our posts

In return for this commitment we will:

  • Promote your work and activities in a manner that is fair and reasonable with a focus on digital content and social media
  • Co-host events with you when we have the capacity to do so and promote your events when we don’t have the capacity to actively work with you on them.
  • Identify opportunities to share your work both within and outside of the network – including speaking opportunities at events or introductions to other network partners.
  • Find ways to make the most of your skills and expertise and ensure they are being used effectively for the benefit of the whole network.
  • Give you time, treat you fairly and with respect, and answer your questions

To become a partner or speak to us about whether this is right for your organisation please contact us