BEE Midtown is the brand that runs two Business Improvement Districts in central London – EC1 and WC1 postcode areas. We represent over 400 businesses many of which are household names and brands with a national, international and global reach. Our work aims to drive long term sustainable, commercial and social growth and we do this via a number of campaigns services and projects. We lead and promote the Midtown district as the destination of choice for business in London

BEE Midtown and the Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, world leaders at the UN agreed to 17 Global Goals that articulate the greatest environmental, social and economic challenges to our planet – including our most critical economic and social centres, our cities.

At BEE Midtown our aim is to transform our district and bring influence to our city, by using the goals as a framework for our delivery and advocacy. We bring the people and businesses of Midtown together to drive long-term, sustainable, commercial and social growth. We strive to support thriving, inclusive communities that use resources responsibly. We are the place where companies, organisations and individuals come together to deliver on the Global Goals with a focus on:

Reduced Inequalities (Goal 10): We are a district that works towards reducing inequalities. We are advocating for a city that is socially, economically and politically inclusive.

Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG 11): We are a thriving district that is improving resource use and reducing pollution and poverty. We are a district with opportunities for all, improving access to services, transportation, energy and employment

Responsible Consumption (Goal 12) We place value on natural resources and are working to find solutions to issues that affect everyone: pollution and the need for improved air quality; food waste; single use plastic reduction; water use and energy use; and more…

Partnerships for the Goals (Goal 17):

  • We are a district in the middle of London and through our campaigns, events, engagement and advocacy we connect the people and organisations that are working to transform our district, with London and the world.
  • We work with our member businesses to ensure the products and services delivered and the way we conduct our business contributes to sustainable development.
  • We help individuals working, visiting and investing in Midtown, to have a more considered interaction with the area through supporting sustainable business practices, including: the avoidance of plastic; improved access to water; working to reduce homelessness and poverty; and, sharing innovative practices
  • With over 400 businesses from global giants to local start-ups we are acting and advocating for a city that is socially, economically and politically inclusive. We are a district with a collective voice, sending unified messages to government. Current priorities include:
    • Helping individuals, working and visiting Midtown to avoid plastic
    • Exploring reviving old and establishing new, communal water fountains
    • Creating space for dialogue and innovation via the Midtown Big Ideas Exchange
    • Working with local businesses to develop rooftop beehives and gardens
    • Supporting clean air efforts

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