Beyond Green Advisors Ltd, trading as Beyond Green, inspires decision makers by supporting them to make informed decisions that increase resource efficiency, reduce costs and empower staff to contribute to real positive change. We save organisations money while reducing impacts on the environment by focusing on profitability, managing risks, and gaining reputation from green credentials. Beyond Green inspires action and supports businesses in challenges towards a sustainable future.

With 390 projects completed, Beyond Green have saved 5.5 million pounds in cost savings, and 20,952 tonnes of carbon. Our work and workplace underpin our efforts towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Our objectives for 2018 include increasing active travel commuting by 5% and proportion of refurbished IT equipment to 82%.

Beyond Green and the Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs are embedded into Beyond Green’s mission as a business, supporting our internal goals of inspiring and improving. As team members, we chose a goal that we care the most about and explain why its achievement is important to us. As individuals working for a consultancy business it helps stepping back and looking at the big picture, as well as going the extra mile to make business sense of sustainability. It also drives our volunteering
activity as well as donation as we ensure they align to our core SDGs. For example we matched the amount of water saving identified through our work to a donation made to WaterAid which supports goal 10 “reduced inequalities” and 9 “industry, innovation and infrastructure”.

Beyond Green listens to organisation’s needs and work collaboratively on practical and sustainable solutions that propels them from the business as usual.

This year Beyond Green enlisted new participants in the discussion around sustainable development by integrating the SDGs into senior management meetings and workshops with clients.

GHI Contracts Ltd workshop began as each board member was asked to pick the goal that strongly resonated to themselves: goal number three “good health and well-being” was chosen often, prompting the question of what was needed to achieve it.

Next the workshop turned collaborative as board members were paired up, allowing them to move goals around to create a web with the more important SDGs at the top. As noticed by many board members, all of the goals were relevant to the future of the business and it was hard to leave any out of the web. Each pair had a different web, but at the top were the key goals for the business success: eight and nine (“decent work and economic growth” and
“reduced inequalities”), supported by goals like three, four, and 17 (“quality education” and “partnership for the goals”). This collaborative effort set up the second part of the workshop which required an understanding of how the SDGs were interconnected.

Finally, a SWOT and stakeholders analysis were performed to understand how environmental and quality management direct the business strategy. The identified potential risks and opportunities were mapped out against the SDGs to show impacts the business would encounter. Using the approach of the SDGs allowed for global context of the risks and opportunities the GHI business strategy could face. Facilitating the workshop using interactive methods generated meaningful ideas presented by the Board, ultimately engaging them in sustainable development discussions.

The concept of combining the business strategy along with the SDGs gives organisations a realistic approach to sustainable development. The Sustainable Development Goals become approachable if businesses are shown how the SDGs are relevant to their profitability.

Beyond Green is committed to bringing workshops such as these to engage businesses, and show how the SDGs create a prosperous future without compromising the ability to meet the needs of future generations.

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