Bioregional is an award winning environmental charity and social enterprise that champions a better. more sustainable way to live. We work with partners to create better places to live, work, and do business. 

We want to see thriving regional economies where we meet more of our needs from local, renewable and waste resources, enabling people to live happy, healthy lives within the natural limits of the planet, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness.

We call this One Planet Living.

Bioregional and the Sustainable Development Goals

From 2009, Bioregional played an active role in inter-governmental negotiations at the United Nations. Sharing our expertise about what sustainable development is and how it should be implemented across the planet. We got involved because we believe our practical experience of solutions for sustainable lifestyles and the One Planet Living framework can make a difference globally.

In particular, we worked with international partners and governments to make sure the critical issue of sustainable consumption and production (SCP) was properly recognised in the SDGs. And we succeeded – one of the goals (Goal 12) is devoted to SCP, while several others relate to it.

In both developed and developing countries, there are key choices about how products and services are made and delivered and how these products and services are consumed. These choices will determine whether we can transition to sustainability and live in balance with the resources of our one planet.

We are now entering the next exciting phase of work on the SDGs – practical solutions for implementing these important and universal goals. Our work includes:

Transform Together - a coalition of like-minded organisations working in 15-20 ‘high impact’ countries around the world. These countries, some developed and some representing emerging economies, make the greatest demands on the planet’s resources and climate stability. The initiative seeks to catalyse and demonstrate the political, business and societal changes needed to address unsustainable patterns of consumption and production in middle and high-income countries. Bioregional co-founded the initiative with Leo Williams, former Director of the Beyond2015 campaign.

Sustainable Buildings and Construction, 10 Year Framework of Programmes on SCP - Bioregional was the NGO Global Focal Point for the UN’s 10 Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production for two years. This led to our involvement with the Sustainable Buildings and Construction Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Committee, allowing us to share our practical experience of the built environment with international governments and practitioners. We are working with UN Habitat, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and Energies2050, a sustainable energy NGO based in France,  to develop a flagship project on sustainable social housing in Africa.

Alongside these initiatives which seek to implement the goals we continue to support policymakers through our work on interlinkages in the SDG targets. You can see the first stage of this work here.

Our involvement also includes our work with UKSSD, which we are dedicated to making a success through our role on the steering group and Emily's role as Co-chair and Network Director.

To find out more about Bioregional's work on the SDGs contact Emily Auckland

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