UKSSD's brief to PM Boris Johnson


At the start of the decade of action for the Sustainable Development Goals, UKSSD delivered a brief to PM Boris Johnson with 3 key actions for him to take to ensure the UK achieves the Goals by the 2030.

The resolute brief to PM Boris Johnson outlines 3 key actions the Government must undertake to uphold its promises for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in the UK.

Assembled from the views and expertise of the UKSSD network which includes leading businesses, academia and NGOs, the brief asks the PM to:

  1. Show leadership by signalling support for organisations to work together in the UK, across sectors and industries, to transform broken or failing systems

  2. Publicly communicate the importance of the SDGs and develop a more effective approach to their implementation

  3. Help the UK understand its performance on the SDGs by openly disclosing progress towards the targets


The brief gives clear expectations and instruction on how we can fast-forward the UK’s progress on the Goals. With collaboration at its core the detailed recommendations include helping to build and encourage partnerships, a coordinated communications campaign, and an independent monitoring and review process.


The brief followed the launch of UKSSD’s Action Plan for the SDGs.