Bristol Green Capital Partnership CIC (BGCP) is an unique cross-sector partnership bringing together people and organisations across all sectors – private, public and third – in the city to build a sustainable Bristol.

The Partnership has grown from 12 organisations in 2007 to around 800 today, helping to secure European Green Capital for Bristol in 2015. Funded by 9 key city institutions, we are carrying forward the good work done in before and during 2015.

Our objectives are to:

  • lead thinking and influence strategic decision-making;
  • deliver projects that demonstrate sustainable change; and
  • to enable our members to work together towards a sustainable city

Bristol Green Capital Partnership CIC and the Sustainable Development Goals

BGCP’s work is relevant to a range of SDGs, notably sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11) and partnerships (SDG 17), but climate action (SDG 13) and inequality (SDG 10) also cut across our work. Our 5 themes, which emerged from consultations in the lead up to European Green Capital 2015 as issues for the city, are energy (SDG 7), food (SDGs 2, 3 and 12), nature (SDGs 14 and 15), resources (notably SDG 12), and transport (notably SDGs 9 and 3).

We also believe that the SDGs have huge potential to help build a sustainable Bristol: Bristol and the SDGs is one of our key projects.

We have formed the Bristol SDG Alliance, bringing together a number of Partnership member organisations, including both our universities – the University of the West of England and the University of Bristol - and a range of other city stakeholders. The Alliance advocates for the practical use of the SDGs to create a sustainable city-region that will be a beacon within the UK. The group meets regularly, with objectives to use the SDGs to:

  • drive policy for long-term city-region development and resilience;
  • monitor progress and enable the city-region to hold itself to account; and
  • clearly connect community and city-level action to national and global challenges.

We are also keen to engage in national and international thinking on the SDGs.

To date we have:

  • Engaged with the Environmental Audit Committee inquiry, submitting evidence;
  • Examined the linkages between sustainable development and resilience - Bristol is a Rockefeller 100 city;
  • Mapped our strategy, indicators and city organisation mapping against the SDGs;
  • Contributed to Bristol’s city international strategy

We are planning a series of events in 2017, including an “SDGs & cities: an international perspective” event during the second Festival of the Future City in Bristol during October.

We are also looking to bring more stakeholders into the Alliance and scale up the resources available to take advantage of the opportunities the SDGs present.

For more information please contact Bristol Green Capital Partnership

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