BRC is a trade association representing over 70 per cent of UK retailers. We help our members by safeguarding their bottom line, providing operational support, and offering brand protection. We do this by engaging our members, promoting the story of retail, shaping debates and influencing the issues and opportunities that matter to the industry.

BRC and the Sustainable Development Goals

Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as an inspiration and a framework, the BRC has defined a series of industry goals, which will demonstrate the industry’s leadership in defining what it is to be a responsible business and its commitment to building a better, more prosperous, sustainable world.

The BRC mission is to make a positive difference to the retail industry and the customers it serves. To underpin this, with a launch in early 2018, we are seeking to demonstrate the industry’s leadership in showcasing responsible business and to make progress on the issues facing the industry. We are focusing on five of the 17 SGDs most relevant to retail, have defined ambitions for 2030 and goals for the lead up to 2020.

The aim is to make a real difference to people, planet and prosperity, to tell the story of how we’re making a difference individually and together, and to build greater trust over the coming decade. Better Retail, Better World will also strengthen our engagement with Government in calling for a supportive regulatory environment and build closer relationships with NGOs and campaign groups.

BRC is asking retailers to come together and unite as the retail sector to:

  • Commit to various goals for 2020 under the five priority SDGs
  • Report to the BRC
  • By 2020, review targets for the next 2-year period 

To find out more please contact Leah Riley Brown

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