In January 2017 the Business and Sustainable Development Commission (BSDC) launched a new report that shows how inclusive and sustainable business models could unlock $12 trillion (US) a year by 2030. 

Better Business, Better World, the new report from BSDC, highlights the benefits of using the Sustainable Development Goals as a new strategy to reverse the current trend which has led to unequal growth and environmental degradation. The report states that the SDGs have the potential to unlock $12 trillion (US) a year by 2030 and create 380 million new jobs (mainly in developing countries). 

It also argues that this potential will not be realised without radical change in both the business and the investment community. It suggests that 'real leadership' is needed from the private sector to build a new social contract with civil society and the public sector to address the current problems in our economic system. 

Key findings from Better Business, Better World

  • There are 60 fastest growing sustainable and inclusive market "hotspots" in four economic areas - energy, cities, food & agriculture and health & wellbeing. 
  • These market hotspots could grow 2-3 times faster than average GDP over the next 10-15years
  • For this to happen, new innovative funding from private and public sources is needed alongside a new 'social contract' between business, government and society to understand the role of business in this new, fairer, economy. 

Visit the BSDC website to read the full report.