CES is an internationally-acclaimed centre of excellence on sustainable development first established at the University of Surrey by Professor Roland Clift in 1992.  We continue to influence on the development of industrial ecology, systems analysis for sustainability and policy-makers and civil society in meeting the challenges of living sustainably and well. The UN SDGs, and their predecessors the MDGs, provide a key context for these activities. The impact of our research and teaching is enhanced by close partnerships with diverse businesses and industries on sustainable innovation and implementation in practice. In research, we apply inter-disciplinary approaches to the analysis of complex systems, integrating the engineering and science-based based disciplines with insights from the economic and social sciences and, from this, develop action-oriented, policy relevant responses to long-term environmental and social issues.

CES and the Sustainable Development Goals

We use the framework of the Goals and their underlying Targets and Indicators to inform our teaching and research. We are actively engaged in research projects on detailed aspects of the indicators and undertake critical appraisal of these and the SDGs at higher levels. Examples of this are below. 

Can the SDGs Provide a Basis for Supply Chain Decisions in the Construction Sector? by Erica Russell, Jacquetta Lee and Roland Clift 

An empirical investigation into the value of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially Sustainable Consumption and Production (SDG12), when used as a framework for action by organisations to drive change towards sustainability in global supply networks. 

Translation of Remote Sensing data into Sustainable Development Indicators by A. Andries, S. Morse, J. M. Lynch, E.R. Woolliams, J. Fonweban and R. J. Murphy

This paper presents the results of research to analyse and optimise the potential of EO approaches to populate the SDG indicators and targets. We present a matrix of EO technologies with respect to the full set of current SDG indicators which shows the potential for direct or proxy calibrations across the span of the social, economic and environmental SDG indicators. We have focussed particularly on those SDG indicators covering the social and economic dimensions of sustainable development as these are relatively unexplored from an EO context.

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