Earthwatch Europe is an environmental charity and we believe that working together is key to tackling the challenges which threaten the natural world.

Our mission is to engage people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment.

We envision a world in which we live within our means and in balance with nature. We believe that future decisions regarding the environment must be based on objective science and must engage and empower people and organisations to act responsibly if they are to be sustainable.

Earthwatch Europe and the Sustainable Development Goals

We work across four environmental themes: oceans and coasts, freshwater, climate change and wildlife and habitats. During the last 50 years we have completed a significant number of projects and programmes under each theme. Our work focuses on immersive experiences, employee engagement, scientific research and stakeholder/community engagement.

Every project and programme has sustainable development at its heart with a specific mandate to support and strengthen the knowledge, confidence and capability of those involved. Examples of recent projects include:

Capturing Our Coasts, a collaboration between universities, Marine Conservation Society, the Marine Biological Association, wildlife trusts, the Natural History Museum and Earthwatch to discover more about our coastlines by filling knowledge gaps on marine life, the impacts of invasive species and the effects of climate change.

Freshwater Links and Catchment Management, a digital platform that brings river catchment data into a single online location. The platform enables water companies, policy makers and communities to better understand freshwater environments and how to improve health and functionality of catchments. This is unusual as research is rarely collated centrally and often expertise and best practice is not shared.

Protected areas face a broad range of challenges, including a lack of key organisational and business skills. The Earth Skills Network is a unique collaboration between Earthwatch, UNESCO, IUCN and businesses. It connects protected area managers with leaders from the business world through mentoring and skill-sharing opportunities to transfer vital organisational skills. The knowledge gained through this global network generates new resources to safeguard the future of critical conservation areas. In addition, business mentors benefit by sharpening their professional competencies and by gaining better understanding of business risks, impact and dependencies within the context of protected areas.

Sustainability Training Programme, a global initiative across nine countries that supports HSBC’s sustainability ambitions and scientific research on climate change and urbanisation. Each research project is country-specific but with a collective aim to investigate the green and blue infrastructure to grow knowledge then inform and influence land and water management. An example from the UK and France where the project is exploring the best land management practices in wooded urban parks to help mitigate stormwater flooding, heat island effect and nutrient contamination in our cities. Participants spend time increasing their understanding of how they and their organisation connect to the natural world. They work in groups, with facilitators and scientists to collect data from two types of managed land within an urban wooded park. This information will be shared with decision makers, ultimately contributing to better managed and more sustainable cities.

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