Reducing wastage, promoting efficiency, saving money & winning business: This is Effective Environmental Management.

The environmental management consultancy ESHCon was established in 2006 to help organisations manage their impacts and find commercial benefits. Run by Anya Ledwith, a recognised leader in the field, ESHCon has helped companies of all sizes, charities and public sector organisations across the UK.

Our mission is to make environmental management the business norm. With expert advice and a pragmatic approach, we make it easy for clients to find improvements and see the commercial benefit.

ESHCon and the Sustainable Development Goals

ESHCon is committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our influence with clients, partners, regional bodies & local government.

ESHCon’s services focus on environmental management systems (ISO 14001), carbon reporting and energy ESOS compliance. As their part-time Environmental Manager, ESHCon ensures the environment is put into the core of the organisation.

Environmental management compliments well many of the Global Goals, with particularly clear links to Goal 13 Climate Action, Goal 12 Responsible Consumption & Goal 8 Good Jobs & Economic Growth.

ESHCon is aware that many of the good business stories around the Global Goals involve large companies, maybe with an international reach & certainly high staff numbers. These are great case studies, demonstrating success & innovative ways of thinking. However smaller businesses may not identify with them, without the resources or in-house knowledge & skills. To engage with them on environmental matters or the wider Global Goals requires initially a simpler approach, hence ESHCon’s use of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and carbon reporting.

ESHCon’s influence goes beyond service delivery. Anya Ledwith is Chairman of Gatwick Diamond Business, promoting economic growth, sharing best practice and providing a voice for business with regional & national bodies.

Anya volunteers with the Sussex Community Foundation, which manages funds on behalf of Sussex donors, connecting them to the local charities and community groups they want to support. Since 2006, it has given almost 3,000 grants, totalling over £6 million to more than 1,500 charities and community groups.

ESHCon believes that the Global Goals are the overall drivers for businesses to improve their own environmental management. Our services & influence help our clients deliver real commercial benefits.

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