Ethical Screening provides information and guidance to investors to enable them to manage their money according to their principles. We provide clients with tailored, in-depth research to enable them to invest in environmentally and socially beneficial activities, and avoid investing in activities which conflict with their values.

Ethical Screening and the Sustainable Development Goals

In addition to our ethical and responsible screening services we have developed a screening tool to enable investors to analyse portfolios for alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As part of our research process we evaluate companies based on their ability to deliver the SDGs, using a robust methodology which takes into account products and services, supply chains and company policies. Investors are able to identify companies which are aligned with the goals and thereby build portfolios comprised of future-focused companies looking towards long-term value creation. Companies which are fundamentally unsustainable and therefore obstructing delivery of the goals are naturally excluded by the process.

In addition we have also been writing weekly blog-posts on each of the goals, discussing the targets and which companies we feel are best placed to address them, in order to provide investors with an introduction to the SDGs and how the sustainable investment community is able to drive capital towards solution-providers.

We intend to promote these projects widely and in addition we have joined the UKSSD to fulfill our commitment towards partnerships for the goals.

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