The Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development (FDSD) believes that strong democratic values and processes are critical to create a more sustainable society, environment and economy and that sustainable development is fundamental to the future of democracy.

We provide practical examples of change, create space for discussion and work with those seeking similar outcomes.

FDSD and the Sustainable Development Goals

All of FDSD’s work relates to different aspects of sustainable development and how this creates both challenges and possibilities for democracies, in terms of decision-making, models of governance and participation.

As such most of our work has implications for the achievement of both all and specific SDGs, particularly SDG 16, and with a particular focus on participation. 

We contributed a submission to the Environmental Audit Committee of the UK Parliament on the domestic implementation of the SDGs, and have supported the Welsh Government on the participative dimensions of the implementation of the Future Generations (Wales) Act.

We have also looked at specific SDGs such as the governance necessary to achieve the goals of the Clean water and Sanitation SDG 6.

FDSD is currently focusing work on the institutions necessary to embed the needs of future generations within today’s decision-making, including opportunities within the UK Government.

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