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The Food Foundation and the Sustainable Development Goals

The Food Foundation is working to lever support for the SDGs among the UK’s policy communities, and seeks a commitment for a new vision for food and nutrition security in the UK – a vision which brings together all relevant government departments and which transforms our food system to deliver healthy, affordable and sustainable diets for all.

This commitment should include a target package that improves the life chances of women and children in Britain most at risk of poor diets and food insecurity, including:

Annual government-led national measurement of adult and child food insecurity. This measurement programme should be aligned with the recommended Sustainable Development Goal indicator. This will give baseline data and ongoing monitoring of the extent of food insecurity in the UK. Annual measurement will enable more effective planning and use of resources.

A commitment to increase the uptake, support for and voucher value of the UK’s Healthy Start programme, which supports young and low-income pregnant women, and families with children under four years of age. It provides a nutritional safety net by providing free vitamins for pregnant and breastfeeding women and one to four year-olds, and food vouchers which can be spent on plain fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables, cows’ milk and infant formula.

The piloting of new approaches to holiday food provision for the UK’s most vulnerable children, to protect and improve child nutrition during the school holidays.

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