We know that the food system isn't working and we want to work together to fix it

Our food system programme brings together our partners in the food and beverage sector because we know the food system isn't working and we want to work together to fix it. 

Organisations can join the programme by becoming a partner of UKSSD. 

Why we're working on the food system

UKSSD's flagship report, Measuring up, shows that one of the most complex challenges we face in the UK is the impact of the food we eat on our health and environment. 

By working together on the food syetem through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we have a focus for our collective efforts. 

Join our programme

To participate in this programme organisations must first become a partner of UKSSD. By becoming a partner, your organisations gains a strategic role in shaping this programme and access to all of UKSSD's activities. Taking part in regular partner meetings to develop ideas and future activities. 

As a partner in the food system programme you can participate in two strands of activity: 

Connect to a thriving and influential network - learn, grow and develop skills to apply the SDGs to your organisation in the context of the food system. 

  • Quarterly meetings to explore the food system and challenge our thinking such as visits, seminars or workshop style discussions themed around key subjects 
  • Peer mentoring and opportunities to connect with new organisations 

Work together with other partners to create a roadmap for food to switch on the SDGs in the UK

  • Be part of building a roadmap that captures what is already happening, where there are gaps or blockers and how we can reach the SDG ambitions
  • Meet with and engage policymakers using the roadmap to influence the UK Government 

Our food system programme partners 

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