Giki is a social enterprise on a mission to make sustainable consumption easy. We do this by rating 280,000 UK supermarket products across sustainability, health and ethical indicators and providing this information in an easy to understand format to consumers. This allows them to make informed choices about the products they buy and the companies they buy them from. Our information is delivered via our free app and is openly available to other organisations whose goal is to encourage more sustainable behaviours.

Giki and the Sustainable Development Goals

The 12th SDG on Responsible Production and Consumption sits at the heart of our purpose and activities. Our aim is to make it quick and easy for people to find the information they want, on the issues they care about, for everyday supermarket items.

We aim to address the significant challenges currently facing the public in consuming and living sustainably:

1. We provide a toolkit to connect environmental, health and ethical concerns with the products they buy and the companies they buy them from.

2. We help close the gap between intent and action by providing actionable information relevant to daily life. At an individual level the challenge is that people often want to act in a way that is good for the environment, considerate of others and good for their own well-being but there is a large gap between intent and action. For example, 80% of people believe it is important to lead a green and sustainable life although only 50% manage it in practice. 

3. We address barriers in the supermarket, such as choice overload (there are hundreds of thousands of products on offer from thousands of brands), insufficient information from brands on the issues that matter to people, convenience, cost and lack of trust in whether sustainable products are as good.

Our simple to use app currently provide ratings on over 280,000 UK supermarket products covering thirteen areas including: carbon footprint; sustainable palm oil; responsible sourcing; chemicals of concern; organic; UK made; animal welfare; nutrition; animal testing; additives; greener cosmetics; kinder cleaning and recycling. This covers both branded and own label goods including Waitrose, Tesco, Morrisons, Coop, Asda and Sainsbury’s.

Users simply scan the barcode, or search, to see how a product is rated through easy to understand badges. This simplicity is possible because we have built a comprehensive supermarket product dataset which we then analyse with a series of algorithms which rates products in near real time.

As a result, we can make our analysis and indicators openly available to other organisations seeking to achieve the SDGs. They can use it for their own analysis or to build other toolkits across the globe to enable consumers to make informed, sustainable buying decisions. Our aim is to work as collaboratively and openly as possible to promote the SDGs and we work with partner organisations such as WWF and Oxfam who sit on our Advisory Board.

We are completely independent and use public domain data, government guidelines and recommendations along with scientific research to provide ratings.

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