Good Energy was founded in 1999 with a mission to tackle climate change and act as a blueprint for a better energy industry. We were the UK’s first supplier of 100% renewable electricity and today the company serves around 250,000 customers. We supply green energy to households and businesses at fair prices and with award-winning customer service. We currently operate two windfarms and seven solar farms and buy green power from a network of around 1,400 small renewable generators across the UK. We are ranked as the top UK energy company by both Ethical Consumer and The Good Shopping Guide.

Good Energy and the Sustainable Development Goals

At Good Energy, we recognise that issues of sustainability are complex and interconnected – and it will take a multi-disciplinary approach, working across sectors, to tackle them. We want to be part of that, which is why we are involved in UKSSD – a network of diverse organisations with a common interest in achieving a sustainable future.

Internally, we have undertaken steps to identify which of the SDGs we can help deliver most. Not surprisingly, as a renewable energy company, our most direct contribution will be to Goal 7 on 'Clean and Affordable Energy' and Goal 13 on 'Climate Action'. But to maximise our positive impact, we are looking wider and deeper than our core business activities and are assessing how we can support broader Goals, including those on industry, innovation and infrastructure; sustainable cities and communities; and good health and wellbeing.

To date, we have used the Goals as a guide for the evolution of the Good Energy brand and are building them into our corporate governance to guide formal decision-making in the business. If we're considering doing something new or differently, we use the Goals as a helpful reference point. And we have tested using the Goals as a framework for external reporting, for example as part of our most recent annual report to the Social Stock Exchange.

To find out more about Good Energy's work on the SDGs please contact Adam Wentworth

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