Organisations from all sectors and industries have a role to play in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals. That role may vary depending on scale, location, sector and area of expertise and it can be challenging to understand the opportunity the goals present without investing time and energy in to some research.

This process will need to reflect your circumstances but if you are not a decision-maker or responsible for your organisations development and strategies, creating the support and engaging your colleagues will be essential.

A few simple steps might help you with this.

  1. Understand the framework and what it is trying to achieve. We have some of this information on our website but you can find more on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) website.
  2. Think about the opportunities the SDGs present – they might offer new business opportunities, advocacy tools or provide you with opportunities to get the investment you need. At this stage it might be appropriate to carry out a mapping process to understand how your organisation aligns to the SDGs.
  3. Think about who you need to engage, who makes decisions? Who can ensure that the whole organisation embraces the framework?. You might need to get the buy-in of the right people by presenting a ‘case’ for the SDGs. Doing some research as part of step 2 will help you with this.
  4. Carry out a workshop. Increasingly our partners are working on consultation exercises or carrying out internal workshops to explore the SDGs and engage their colleagues. This can be useful no matter how big or small your organisation is. If your organisation is large with many departments working across them will help to understand how the goals work across the organisation in different ways.
  5. A few of our Partners have examples of the process they’ve taken to embedding the SDGs, we recommend you learn from others, ask questions and take this forward based on what is important to your organisation
  6. Use the Global Goals resources to promote the goals internally. The icons are a very useful tool for communicating the SDGs to others. You might put up some posters or share them in your staff memos as a way of engaging co-workers. Some of our partners have even hosted SDG themed days to share information and help their colleagues to engage in the framework.