The Institute for Sustainability at Newcastle University coordinates research across multiple disciplines to deliver practical, engaged solutions to real-world issues in sustainability, under the banner 'Enough, for all, forever'. It supports excellent interdisciplinary research at Newcastle University to establish best practice in sustainability through science, innovation, policy and action. Underpinning the Institute’s mission in the world is the concept of justice and governance, and climate change adaptation and mitigation. Newcastle University research and civic engagement supports the rights of all people to a safe and healthy environment, and is helping to safeguard communities from environmental burdens, including pollution and climate risks.

The Institute for Sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals

Newcastle University sustainability researchers are measuring targets and indicators for the SDGs in the UK. They provide advice on how academic research can inform policy for meeting the SDGs, collaborating with partners in industry, government and civil society. Dr Graham Long at Newcastle University made significant contributions to the consultation and negotiation process leading up to the Goals from 2013-2015, working with global civil society to develop key commitments and mechanisms for the SDGs and briefing UN and EU member states on issues such as accountability and universality.

Sustainability research at Newcastle University focuses on global challenges to enable countries to meet targets for the SDGs. These initiatives include:

  • Connecting conservation science with global policy, including with the SDGs. There is a range of international conventions on biodiversity, and the Convention on Biological Diversity’s Aichi Biodiversity Targets, are closely connected to the Sustainable Development Goals. We are working at the science-policy interface to provide science needed for delivery on targets for biodiversity.
  • Measuring the SDGs in the UK – Researchers at Newcastle University for the first time have looked at how many of the SDG indicators are applicable to the UK, and what the measurements tell us about where the UK sits in respect of the ambitions expressed in the global targets. The research provides a full table of results available online against over 170 indicators – containing over 100 pages of data – sweeping global, regional and national metrics and data that map onto the SDG indicators, from government and non-government sources.
  • Demonstrating best practice for sustainability – Working closely with industry, local authorities, national governments and communities, we are demonstrating innovative new forms of infrastructure to sustainably manage water, energy, food, transport, waste and earth systems essential to meeting the SDGs.
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation – Climate change research at Newcastle University is multidisciplinary and widespread covering multiple areas from rainfall modelling to adaptation, ecological impacts, carbon mitigation and climate policy. It is at the heart of research programmes and initiatives at Newcastle University to achieve global sustainability. We are nurturing cross-cutting research to provide a more coherent understanding of the climate system and how people live with it to create effective actions on climate change.

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