ISEAL's mission is to strengthen sustainability standards for the benefit of people and the environment.

We work to define good practice for our current (and potential) members; practices aimed at developing and increasing the impact of sustainability standards. Our Codes of Good Practice, which full members must meet, promote fair and transparent ways of working. Through our different programmes, we explore ways to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of standard systems and identify opportunities for scaling up and collaboration

Our Goals:

  • Improve the impacts of standards
  • Define credibility for sustainability standards
  • Increase the uptake of credible sustainability standards
  • Improve the effectiveness of standards, including driving innovations in standards

ISEAL and the Sustainable Development Goals

All of ISEAL’s projects relate to sustainable development. We work with our members and partners to improve the impacts of voluntary sustainability standard systems, improve their effectiveness, drive innovation, and to create favourable conditions for their increased uptake.

Programmes include: Demonstrating and Improving Poverty Impacts Project (DIPI), ISEAL Innovations Fund, our Sustainability Standards Comparison Tool, the Global Living Wage Coalition, and increasing the use of sustainability standards in public procurement practices around the world

In 2017 ISEAL and WWF launched a report called SDGs mean business: how credible standards can help companies deliver the 2030 agendaThe report explores how businesses can use credible voluntary sustainability standards to contribute to the SDGs. The report shows how standards can help ‘scale-up’ efforts to achieve the SDGs, mainstreaming them and offering a credible framework that brings together different stakeholders to realise the SDGs.

To find out more about ISEAL please contact David D'Hollander