Just Fair is a human rights charity that monitors and advocates economic and social rights in Great Britain, namely the rights to health, education, housing, food, water, social security, and just and favourable working conditions.

Just Fair and the Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs are closely related with human rights, specifically economic and social rights, which Just Fair focuses on in its policy, research and advocacy work.

In September 2016, Just Fair submitted a contribution to the “SDGs in the UK” inquiry of the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee.

In July 2017, Just Fair authored the UK chapter of the Spotlight on International Development 2017 international report. 

Just Fair regularly produces reports, briefings and responses to consultations. Among them, Just Fair published in September 2017 the paper “Why we should take inequality seriously if we care about human rights”, drawing from empirical studies, international law and SDG10. Together with The Equality Trust, Just Fair is running the campaign #1forEquality to call on the Government to bring into effect the socio-economic duty (Section 1 of the Equality Act 2010).

In June 2017, Just Fair published a report jointly with Doctors of the World UK explaining why the Home Office should not have access to NHS patients’ data, and why NHS professionals should not be expected to guard our borders, if the UK is to take the right to health seriously (SDG3).

Just Fair is working together with Sustain, Nourish Scotland and the Institute of Health and Society of Newcastle University on a new research and capacity-building project on the right to food in the UK (SDG2).

In partnership with others, Just Fair monitors closely the human rights impact of the welfare reforms introduced since 2010, in particular from the perspective of the principle of non-regression and the human rights to an adequate standard of living and to social security (SDG1).

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