Together with our tribe of Leaps innovators we will transform the lives of ONE BILLION PEOPLE. Leveraging the power of exponential technologies, mindsets for innovation, rapid experimentation and radical collaboration within our Innovation Ecosystem of digital tools, our platform, innovation labs and partnerships.

Leaps and the Sustainable Development Goals

We create new jobs - the ventures and breakthrough solutions born within our SDG ecosystem or any other program Leaps partners support, will create an exponential number of opportunities. Accessible from Millennials through to the rising 3 billion.

We are a force multiplier -  To all other companies who are working towards solutions for the 2030 agenda. We will nurture the moonshot mindset and provide tools to innovate - this will completely change the trajectory of many of the companies we work with at a profound level, into successful, exponential organisations, for good.

We develop tools for positive mental health - The pace of change has never been so rapid. Disruption is rife, but what good is creating new opportunities if the disruption is negative on major pockets of society? By preparing people and organisations for the new future with data and insights we can build interventions in areas that will impact personal and business health, from understanding human adaptability to training the right mindsets. Our vision takes a holistic view to develop strong communities, rapidly building solutions to learn and pivot fast, and predict the adjacent possible. these areas have never been more crucial to focus on.

The UN defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to solve the world’s biggest challenges.
We believe these are the world’s biggest opportunities.

We are building an SDG collaboration ecosystem, with frontier digital-tools, education, modular innovation-programs and funding access, built on a tokenized blockchain, with integrated AI support. Whilst predominantly virtual, Leaps will also partner with Innovation Labs around the globe to provide access to physical inspirational space to accelerate SDG startups and innovation.

Leaps support entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to build SDG focused, sustainable growth businesses by providing a support structure, education (a structured virtual curriculum), a collaborative peer network and access to potential partners, finance, customers and mentors, with an investor blended model of value through fees, revenue share, and holding equity in select SDG ventures.

Leaps’ suite of SDG Innovation benchmarking tools* will provide some of the metrics required to accurately measure and predict essential people/company skills, such as Adaptability Quotient (AQ) and Innovation Mindset Scorecard, vital in the era of positive transformation, offering interventions to de-risk projects, organisations and people. Together with leveraging exponential technology to amplify opportunities.

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