MakeMatic develop exceptional educational content for, and in collaboration with, partners like Crayola, Adobe and Microsoft.

Our content combines live action, animation, screen capture and motion graphics in easily digestible, 2-3min segments.

Launched in 2016, our aim is to make high-quality learning more accessible, more equitable and more scalable.

MakeMatic and the Sustainable Development Goals

Makematic have developed a series of 80 short films for young people at both primary and secondary levels. These short animations and live action videos not only explain the goals but show young people how others their age are getting involved and making an impact in their communities.

We are working with local government, non-profit and commercial CSR initiatives to support the distribution of these kits to classrooms, community organisations and kitchen tables across the UK.

The UN SDG resource includes 80 x 2-3 minute films (approximately 3 hours total duration) using both animation and live action.

34 x Animated Explainers
Bitesized introductions to each SDG, with version for both primary and secondary level students

34 x Live Action Films
Student-presented films that showcase the work of young people across the globe and provide a call-to-action for the viewer

12 x Animated “Icon” Films
Beautifully hand-drawn animations celebrating the lives and work of people who represent key global competencies.

1 x Facilitator Guide (Print/PDF)
Suggested models for implementation and additional resources

Activity Cards (Print/PDF)
Suggested activities and/or opportunities for local engagement and participation. These cards can be customised to suit your project.

To find out more please contact Nick Fitzsimons