On Wednesday 8 June the International Development Committee (IDC) launched its SDG implementation report in the UK.

Several of UKSSD’s partners and supporters provided evidence to the committee whose recommendations are a significant step forward for sustainable development in the UK.

In his launch address International Development Committee (IDC) chair Stephen Twigg commended the Government for the significant contribution the UK made to the SDGs during the negotiations and called on the government to apply the same level of commitment to the implementation of the SDGs. Among other things, the IDC has called on the Government:

  • To produce a substantive cross-government plan for implementation of the SDGs;
  • To assign specific responsibilities to Departments for making progress on the SDGs; this should be reflected in Single Departmental Plans;
  • To identify a formal mechanism for relevant Secretaries of State or responsible Ministers to come together to regularly to discuss the implementation of the SDGs across Government;
  • To produce a biennial report on policy coherence for sustainable development;
  • To produce a White Paper on International Development to provide clarity on its approach to Agenda 2030; and
  • To reinvigorate the concept of a “Global Partnership” for delivery of Agenda 2030, including the private sector and civil society.

The call for a reinvigoration of a Global Partnership for Agenda 2030 is particularly encouraging from a UKSSD perspective as this opens up avenues for greater collaboration between Government and stakeholders across the UK. The UKSSD Conference in April 2016 clearly showed that both the private sector and civil society are already working to integrate the SDGs into their plans and strategies. Going forward the expertise on and commitment to the SDGs already present across the UK will be critical to successful implementation of Agenda 2030. As UKSSD we look forward to working with the UK Government to bring this expertise to bear on the national implementation plan for the SDGs.

The report is available for download here