UKSSD were invited to support a Sustainable Development Goals edition of the environmental SCIENTIST published in September this year. Our Co-chair, Farooq Ullah, was guest editor to the edition which explores the role of science in achieving the agenda.

In the introductory article, Farooq explores how more open and participatory science and research could bring significant success to the SDGs. In it he states that:

Science can be the great equaliser in the debate, in that it can provide a (reasonably) objective basis for discussion as well as common language through which different perspectives can be brought to bear when looking for innovative solutions.    

Science with out borders journal cover

Other features explore the economics of the SDGs, data challenges, repurposing business, and the importance of gender equality for environmental sustainability. The concluding article is an interview with Jonathon Porritt on the transition towards sustainable development.

Among others, contributors to the journal include Robert Ashcroft, Dr Mark Everard, and Dr Simon Zadek. 

To find out more and read the journal for yourself please visit The Institution of Environmental Sciences website. If you would like a hard copy and are a UKSSD partner, please let us know and we will organise for you to receive one for free.