UKSSD and Bond provide detailed feedback to the UK Government on the recently published Emerging Findings and Further Engagement document in advance of the final stages of producing the Voluntary National Review on the Sustainable Development Goals in the UK.

While both networks and their members recognise that the Emerging Findings and Further Engagement document has been produced as a basis for conversation and consultation with stakeholders, we were concerned about much of the content, tone and detail contained within it. 

In consultation with Partners in our advocacy group, UKSSD worked with the Bond SDG Group to provide detailed feedback on the document, and what our expectations are for the final Voluntary National Review (VNR), in the hope that the process and final review can be strengthened.

Our feedback recommends that within the VNR the UK Government:

  1. Commits to developing a coherent and robust plan for the implementation of the SDGs which should be developed with stakeholders, including devolved and local government and civil society.

  2. Commits to a mechanism for stakeholder engagement for the implementation of the SDGs to 2030. For example, setting up a multi-stakeholder advisory group.

We are hopeful that the current gaps and challenges present in the Emerging Findings document will be addressed in the VNR and that this important opportunity to review progress, identify opportunities and work together delivers it’s potential.

This feedback follows the oral evidence Emily Auckland and Andrew Griffiths, Co-chair of the Bond SDG Group, gave to the International Development Select Committee on 12 March 2019.

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