Open Energi is unlocking flexibility in our demand for energy to build a new energy economy which is cleaner, cheaper, more secure and more efficient. Our Dynamic Demand technology platform connects sources of demand-side flexibility – from batteries and industrial equipment through to cogeneration – and applies cutting edge techniques to intelligently optimise their use in real-time, maximising value for end users without disrupting business processes. To date we have connected over 3,000 assets at over 350 customer sites UK-wide, including Sainsbury’s, Aggregate Industries, United Utilities and Tarmac.

About Open Energi and the Sustainable Development Goals

The world urgently needs to find ways of delivering energy which is clean, affordable, and secure. At Open Energi, we are committed to using our advanced technology to address these challenges on the demand-side.

Our technology connects and controls sources of demand-side flexibility – from batteries and industrial equipment through to cogeneration – so that demand for electricity can respond to fluctuations in supply and ever changing grid conditions.

Right now, our focus is on working with large corporate energy users, such as Sainsbury’s, United Utilities, Aggregate Industries and Tarmac, to invisibly adjust their electricity consumption to match supply.

This demand flexibility is paving the way for greater, more efficient use of renewable energy generation, reducing our reliance on polluting power stations, and putting consumers in control of how, when and from where they consume electricity.

It’s a collaborative appproach which demonstrates what can be achieved in partnership. On their own businesses will have little impact, but collectively, they can transform how our energy system operates.

The Living Grid is an example of this, a movement of corporate energy users convened by sustainability non-profit Forum for the Future to help realise a radically new energy ecosystem that’s inspired by nature: responsive, intelligent and adapted to make full use of renewable sources of energy. Open Energi is the founding technology partner.

In the longer term, our ability to manage demand more flexibility has innovative applications in our homes and cities too, helping to create and manage the distributed energy infrastructure we need to power sustainable cities and communities.

To find out more about Open Energi please contact Nicole Gilbert

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