The start of the new decade marks 10 years for the ambition of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be realised. An ambition for a future where everyone in the UK can live a good life on a healthy planet – a future we want.  

Though it may feel like an unrealistic challenge, significant feats of human endeavour have happened throughout our history because people, communities, organisations and governments have worked together.

Our SDG action plan
is based on three things we’ll do in the next 10 years to ensure the Goals are achieved by 2030:

1. Government

We’ll work with you, our partners and advocates, to make sure the right structures are in place for the UK Government to deliver its commitment on the Goals, as well as helping local government and communities to localise the agenda.

2. Performance

We’ll demand open, transparent and accountable monitoring of the UK’s performance on the Goals, and until this happens, we’ve committed to updating Measuring up so we know where we need to focus our energy. 

3. Systems

We’ll launch programmes for cross-sector organisations to work together to transform systems, starting with our Food System programme in 2020, rolling out into four other critical areas by 2025. 

We can’t do any of this unless we work together.   

Starter for 10... years to go

Action 1: In December 2019 we launched our Food Systems programme with founding partners including Nestle, Nando’s, and WWF. The group will meet throughout 2020 and produce a roadmap for the UK food sector. Find out more

Action 2: We'll start 2020 by launching a brief for the Prime Minister outlining our expectations of him and the Government. 

Action 3: We're committing to republishing Measuring up, our review of how the UK is performing on the SDGs, on an ongoing basis until the Government creates an indepedent review process for the Goals. We're updating the targets relevant to the food system in 2020. If you'd like to get involved in this work please let us know.  

If you'd like to take part in our action plan, consider becoming a partner of UKSSD.