PECT is an independent charity that is helping to protect and enhance the environment. Our vision is for Sustainable Places. By this, we mean that: the natural environment is healthy, communities are involved in their area, health and well-being is improved for all, resource use is responsible and doesn’t compromise the needs of others, now and into the future. We champion sustainable practices in order to leave a lasting legacy for future generations. Our Mission is to protect and enhance the environment throughout Peterborough and beyond.

PECT and the Sustainable Development Goals

Our projects fall into 4 broad areas, these are: Natural Environment, Community and Education, Health and Wellbeing and Responsible Resource Use. These are some examples of projects that we are currently working on.

Natural Environment:

  • Forests for Peterborough – Launched in 2010, the project aims to plant 180,000 trees in and around the city by 2030, a tree for every person living in the city. So far over 100,000 trees have been planted.
  • Growing Communities – Working with Community First Peterborough, the project works to transform and enhance 20 green spaces in the Gladstone Area through work with local community groups, schools and businesses. Over 50 volunteers have helped so far with litter picking and flower bed planting.

Community & Education:

  • WestRaven Big Local – The community has come together in Hampton Court, Westwood to open a new community café and garden. This has been brought about through partnership with Cross Keys Homes and is run by a team of passionate local residents on a voluntary basis.
  • Environmental Education – PECT works with 97% of schools in Peterborough to ensure environmental education is part of the curriculum. It provides an award winning Eco Framework that schools can use and their successes are celebrated at the Peterborough Eco Education Awards, an all-day event where schools come together to share their eco projects and celebrate their achievements.

Health & Wellbeing:

  • Warm Homes – This project works with those who are fuel poor, providing advice and information on how households can reduce their household fuel bills, in a bid to end fuel poverty. Residents are provided with advice on being more efficient with their fuel usage to primarily save them money, but also reduce their impact on the environment.
  • Walk Peterborough – This website encourages people across Peterborough to make use of walking routes and footpaths around the city both for commuting and leisure purposes, encouraging people to explore the green spaces on their doorstep.

Responsible Resource Use:

  • Project Refill – Working across the city of Peterborough, the project aims to reduce plastic waste by reducing the use of single-use plastic water bottles. Businesses across the city are signing up to the project, vowing to provide access to water taps to allow those using reusable bottles to refill for free when they’re out and about.
  • BEECP – Business Energy Efficiency Cambridge and Peterborough provide a Consultancy service to businesses across Peterborough and Cambridge. This service aims to highlight areas where a business can reduce its resource use, allowing the business to make economic savings, become more efficient and reduce it’s environmental impact. BEECP provide small grants as part of the European Union European Regional Development Fund.
  • Investors in the Environment - PECT run Investors in the Environment (iiE) – a national environmental accreditation scheme designed to help businesses save money and reduce their environmental impact. The scheme links to many of the SDGs, for example, businesses on the iiE journey are committed to reducing their environmental impact by taking control of the resources they use, especially energy, water, and waste. They are helping to achieve Responsible Consumption & Production (SDG-12) by setting targets and creating company action plans in order to improve the efficiency and reduction of resource use.

To find out more visit PECT online. 

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