Bringing the SDGs to life: Podcasts

A series of podcasts produced in partnership with Planet Pod to explore the SDGs and the UK's Covid19 recovery 


Episode 1: Taking an integrated approach with Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol 

Bristol is arguably the UK’s most active city on the SDGs. In 2019 the city produced the UK’s first Voluntary Local Review and the Mayor made a commitment to embed the Goals in the One City plan – a broad vision of the city for 2050 which brings together a range of city partners to deliver it. Marvin Rees is a great advocate of the goals and has been actively pushing them as the key to the city’s recovery from the pandemic.

In this episode, we'll talk about what is happening in Bristol and learn from Marvin's unique experience about how we can work together in a more integrated and holistic way. 

Episode 2: The power of our communities with Catherine Anderson, Jo Cox Foundation 

During the pandemic, we have witnessed an amazing response within our communities – whether mutual aid or support groups, donating to good causes, or new partnerships between local businesses and charities. It's a reminder of the power of our communities and the resources we have when we work together.

Catherine and the Jo Cox Foundation work to build a fairer, kinder and more tolerant world and set up the Connection Coalition to mitigate the impacts of isolation felt during the pandemic. In this episode we'll explore the impact of the pandemic on our communities, and what we can do to build on the solidarity and unity that has been created to help deliver the SDGs.

Episode 3: The role of infrastructure with Davide Stronati, Mott MacDonald

As a result of the lockdown we’ve been forced to exist within our homes. But whether it’s the internet helping us stay connected to our friends and family or delivery drivers travelling around our country to drop off food and essential items, we’ve been reliant on critical infrastructure. At this time, to avoid a prolonged recession, investing in infrastructure projects is one of the routes available to Government to spur economic growth and development.

Davide is a strong supporter of the SDGs in the planning and delivery of infrastructure projects and has ensured Mott MacDonald have the goals embedded in its operations and strategy. In this episode we explore the role that infrastructure plays in our lives, and how it could be a tool to deliver the SDGs when done right.

Episode 4: Manufacturing a just and green future with John Pearce and Chris Harrop OBE, Made in Britain 

The UK has a proud history of manufacturing and despite declines since the 1970s, we’re still the 9th largest manufacturing country in the world. While some businesses have had to stop work entirely during the pandemic others have pivoted their product lines to respond to the needs of society, including manufacturing PPE, ventilators and hand sanitizer. However, the UK also has one of the highest consumption footprints on the planet – we consume goods and services which place demands on our environment that are not sustainable. 

In this pod, we’ll talk to John as a leading voice for the UK's manufacturing industry to understand how the SDGs can help us navigate the tension that exists between a recovery that guarantees growth and employment versus our need to create a green future for the health of our planet.