Local action can provide a solution to the SDGs

If we want the UK to achieve the SDGs, and to make sure that all people benefit, action needs to take place at all levels of society and reflect the unique contexts of regions, cities and communities. Some of our Partners are leading this charge, here we share some of their experiences.

2030hub, Liverpool

The private sector is key

From the outset, the 2030hub model wanted to use city boundaries to refocus the Global Goals and stimulate local ownership and impact, while also exploring how local assets could be deployed internationally.

The 2030hub has become a multilingual platform promoting the opportunities the SDGs provide for both civic leadership and policy development, while also igniting grassroots upward support.

We have seen evidence that the private sector is key, especially the SME market. We present the SDGs as corporate social responsibility on steroids and challenge business to learn, collaborate and achieve more than the usual ad hoc or reactive initiative. Our new business membership offer provides a tangible bridge between any sized company and a rapidly growing grassroots movement.

Keep Scotland Beautiful, Scotland

Embedding the SDGs in our schools

Sustainable development is at the heart of our charity’s vision, mission and strategic objectives and in 2016 we fully aligned our activities to the Global Goals.  Our Annual Review has the Global Goals at its heart, documenting examples of ways in which our work contributes to the achievement of the Global Goals throughout.

We’ve made particular progress across schools in Scotland when, in 2017, we became one of the first countries in the world to embed the Global Goals into our Eco-Schools Scotland Green Flag programme, encouraging schools to make links between their Eco-Schools journey and one of the Global Goals.  

Antonine Primary in Falkirk explore the topics of litter, school grounds and food and the environment through the lens of Goal 12. Pupils explored sustainable, ethically produced food through Fair Trade and food miles, organised community litter picks, stopped using plastic straws and made it clearer for their community to recycle waste through re-painting their school bins to promote responsible disposal of items.

At the moment, we are developing our plans to the Global Goals to wider audiences and communities in Scotland and are currently working with the Scottish Government as part of a subgroup of the SDG Scotland Network on developing the UK Voluntary National Review response.

SDGs Network Meetup, London

Engaging individuals is critical

The SDGs Network Meetup London has now reached more than 1000 members, we’ve hosted 10 meetups, and had 27 inspiring speakers.

Our vision is to create a community of change makers in London who wants to participate in achieving the SDGs. We provide a platform for like-minded people to come together to network and discuss new ideas that might lead to the realisation of the Goals. We believe this approach will foster participation and ownership by all stakeholders at all levels.

After two years of running the Meetup a request for feedback indicated a big interest in joining a more structured network to create solutions for the SDGs together. By engaging individuals we’ve shown how to build a tribe of collaborators to achieve the SDGs.

Bristol’s SDG Alliance

Build on the legacy and context of the community

Since the SDGs were agreed in 2015, individuals, organisations and networks in Bristol have sought to drive this agenda into city conversations. The Bristol SDG Alliance is one such network. Hosted by Bristol Green Capital Partnership, it is made up of more than 75 stakeholders from NGOs, private sector, academia and the City Council, advocating for the practical use of the SDGs in the city, nationally and internationally.

The work of the Alliance has resulted in a report investigating the relevance of the SDGs & Bristol, shared our experience of city level partnership towards localising the Goals and assisted the development of an interactive Global Goals education centre. We’ve also enabled an innovative role linking research and engagement with the SDGs, resulting in the use of the Goals as a framework for Bristol’s new One City Plan. Many organisations in Bristol are beginning to realise the relevance of the SDGs to their work. By partnering with city stakeholders from public, private and civil society organisations we’ve begun an Alliance that is growing and helping to drive awareness of and action towards the SDGs in Bristol and further afield.