RoundTable Global is a learning and development organisation passionate about making a difference in the world. This is why we use the profits from our leadership, innovation and change programmes to fund our global philanthropic aims.

We are experts in redefining corporate cultures and global communities, in unlocking potential in people and helping to release from fears and self-limiting beliefs. We use this expertise to bring the creative and corporate worlds together for mutual benefit and learning, delivering empowerment programmes that further our three Global Goals.

This is our contribution to creating restorative, inclusive change in the world.

RoundTable Global and the Sustainable Development Goals

The RoundTable Three Global Goals have been created in response to our global network commitment to finding balance in the world and are in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals as every one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals either delivers towards education, empowerment, the environment or all three. Our global goal projects are our way of demonstrating commitment and action towards these goals.

For us to create a future that is different from our past, we need to change our mindset so that we can first think and then act differently to the way we have before. It is time for us to take responsibility and learn from, rather than sit back and blame others for, the impact we have on our ecosystem and the world. We are all agents of change, even if we are not aware of it yet.

Our Three Global Goal initiative is a call to action for those that are committed to and passionate about making change happen so that we can go beyond sustainability and create cultures and communities that can fearlessly collaborate with each other, thrive and are empowering for all. A call to action for us to find our balanced place in the global ecosystem.

To do this we have brought together 65 Global Change Ambassadors who are leaders, influencers and activists from four different to deliver Three Global Goals of Educational Innovation, Empowering Everyone and Environmental Rejuvenation.

Their focus is to deliver a series of 12 Ambassador-led projects in 2017 and beyond that provide opportunities and platforms for those passionate about making change happen at the same time as delivering real change and action in the world.

The portfolio of projects here detail just some of the work that we are supporting through this initiative including exactly what we are doing, who is involved and how you can contribute and support. You can find out more about each of these projects by registering on our Legacy Learning Platform.

To launch these projects and invite individuals and organisations to get involved we are running a series of invite only, exciting Call to Action events through 2017. Where ever possible we are seeking to collaborate not duplicate.

To find out more please contact Tiffany Kelly

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