SeedTribe connects profit-driven, sustainable companies addressing an environmental and/or social challenge, with a global network of sophisticated investors and High Net Worth individuals. We select profit-driven businesses that fit the United Nations' 'Sustainable Development Goals' (SDGs) and aim to produce positive and lasting social change. "Impact"​ entrepreneurs leverage the power of the crowd of sophisticated investors to raise equity funding to grow their businesses. Built by the team behind Angel Investment Network, the world's largest platform connecting angel investors and entrepreneurs looking for funding

SeedTribe and the Sustainable Development Goals 

SeedTribe strives to increase the amount of impactful businesses that address one or more of the SDGs. To measure impact, companies who wish to use the SeedTribe platform are screened based on their mission statement to ensure they are aligned with at least one of the SDGs. One impactful business that completed a successful fundraising round using our platform was PET Plastic Recycling. PET Plastic Recycling is the first complete circular economy solution for food grade plastic recycling in the United Kingdom and the MENA region. We are a nascent business, working tirelessly to onboard more sustainable businesses. We prioritise quality businesses over quantity, looking for businesses that not only create impact with a financially sustainable business model, but also have strong business practices. Moreover, we are creating content on our site to help people get a better understanding of the SDGs, building more awareness around them. This online content also seeks to shine a light on the SDGs to an audience who has yet to encounter them in depth.

Olivia Sibony, a founder member of SeedTribe, is active in the sustainable development community in the United Kingdom. She focuses mainly on organisations that empower women in business (i.e. Mayor of London’s Women in CleanTech Initiative), in terms of financial inclusion (Finance Innovation Lab) and more. Additionally, Olivia is a board member of UCL’s FastForward 2030, a programme set up to inspire entrepreneurs to grow businesses that are aligned with the SDGs. Her work at the intersection of the SDGs and the business world allows her not only to promote the mission of SeedTribe, but also gain insight into the world of sustainable development at large.