Skyroom is an urban development company founded in 2018 that provides key urban workers with high-quality, low-cost, eco-friendly homes, near to where they work, so that they have the opportunity to thrive in the cities they support. The homes are factory-made and then installed alongside roof gardens on disused rooftops in London, improving the environmental footprint of the building and its inhabitants, offering amenity space to local residents, and creating an innovative infrastructure for the compact cities of tomorrow.

Skyroom and the Sustainable Development Goals 

Skyroom aims to contribute to a sustainable urban future by making small but impactful interventions in the existing urban fabric to make our cities healthy, wealthy and happy places to live. 

We aim to have provided London's key workers with over 10,000 high-quality, well-designed, eco-friendly homes by 2030. These homes will collectively save over 15 million tonnes in CO2 emissions over their lifetime. We plan to license our product around the world. 

Skyroom has built the SDGs into its mission since conception. In line with this, the company: 

  • Lobbies government, from the built environment to modern methods of manufacturing
  • Advocates for the SDGs, via our work with Fast Forward 2030, which was started by our Founder
  • Attends industry events, with a focus on providing solutions for the challenge of providing sustainable development solutions for 2030
  • Engages with built enviornment stakeholders to develop best practice in development, procurement, and end-stage solutions
  • Donates a percentage of its profits to the housing and homelessness charity Shelter

We believe it is possible to make a positive social, environmental and cultural impact whilst running a business. The model enables us to deliver the world’s first fast, flexible, affordable and scaleable housing solution for key urban workers, whilst building on and contributing to the SDGs. The homes that we build considerably reduce CO2 emissions over their lifetime, improve biodiversity and the health of the local residents and city, and provide safe, affordable, high-quality and environmentally friendly housing for key workers. We believe that rooftop development enables cities to grow sustainably.

The first 30 homes will be online later this year. We partner with major landlords to work at scale.

We hope that our model provides an example of building a sustainable, prosperous future whilst running a successful business.

For further information on the benefits to the environment, local community, and city please read our white paper, published in conjunction with The Institute for Global Prosperity, University College London.

To find out more please contact Skyroom