The Social Stock Exchange is Europe’s only public market for impact investing. For pioneering businesses, whether public or private, seeking to deliver social or environmental impact as a core function, we can offer access to a unique, regulated public marketplace and our network of investors, advisers and other impact businesses. We invite impact businesses to join the leading group of likeminded members and investors transforming the established capital markets. All issuer member companies must meet a rigorous set of criteria before joining, including the annual publication of an Impact Report.

The Social Stock Exchange and the Sustainable Development Goals

To mark the first anniversary of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Social Stock Exchange polled its members to find out which of these goals they were addressing - either directly or indirectly - with their activities. It quickly became apparent that whilst the number of SDGs each individual business was tackling varied, the Social Stock Exchange membership was collectively showing a commitment to deliver against all 17 of the goals. The good health and wellbeing goal was the most frequently targeted by those members who elected to participate in the survey. The 17th SDG is termed as Partnerships for the Goals, something that the creation and operation of the Social Stock Exchange platform is already delivering against.

The Social Stock Exchange is also a strong advocate of democratising capital markets and ensuring they can once again serve the best interests of society as a whole. Those businesses that deliver a social or environmental impact should be able to access capital on the same risk-adjusted terms as any other company looking for investment. Evidence shows that those businesses with impact at the core of their mission tend to perform better in the long term, whilst their share prices see lower levels of volatility in the short term.

By creating a liquid market for impact investing, the Social Stock Exchange is affording all investors, not just those classified as High Net Worth, the opportunity to get involved.

The Social Stock Exchange is also actively working to return capital markets to operating at a local level, connecting investors with projects that can have a positive impact in the local community. To this extent we are currently running two pilot projects, one covering Liverpool and the Wirral, with a second based in Edinburgh. 

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