Social Value UK is the national network for anyone interested in social value and social impact.

We work with our members to increase the accounting, measuring and maximising of social value from the perspective of those affected by an organisation’s activities, through our Social Value Principles. We believe in a world where a broader definition of value will change decision making and ultimately decrease inequality and environmental degradation.

Our Mission

To change the way society accounts for value through principles, practice, people and power:

  1. Principles: Our principles will lead to the inclusion of social, environmental and economic value in decision making.
  2. People: We will build and support a network of like-minded individuals who want to work with us to put these principles into practice.
  3. Practice: We will develop guidance, tools, and support to help put the principles into practice.
  4. Power: By connecting these individuals and supporting their learning, growth and influence we will build a movement to change the way society accounts for value.

Social Value UK and the Sustainable Development Goals 

Social Value UK, as the national member network of Social Value International in the UK, is creating a movement for social change through changing accounting practice to include a wider definition of value, including social, environmental and economic factors, and placing stakeholders at the centre of the valuation process. This is based on the Social Value Principles which are used as the framework for social accounting. This framework, and the guidance and standards for each, can be used to account for the impact or change under any of the indicators for all of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Specifically relevant for the SDGs is the Global Value Exchange which is an online platform of crowdsourced data sets that allows users to set up their own projects, start to monitor the social value they are creating, and helps them to manage and maximise their social value.  There are features that can be used to discuss and comment on any outcome. Users can report against a shared measurement framework, including the SDGs.  The database bridges the gap between high level measurement frameworks, user data or programme level data, and stakeholder determined outcomes.

Other relevant work includes a discussion document on the valuation of social outcomes produced with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and our guide on how to Maximise your Impact produced with Estonian Social Enterprise Network, Koç University Social Impact Forum, and Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting. The guide sets out to create a tool kit for social entrepreneurs to develop a stakeholder centred approach to social enterprise, but the guide is usable and useful for organisations across the board who are interested in developing impact thinking, and want to use stakeholder led data to improve the products or services they provide.

To find out more about Social Value UK contact Catherine Manning

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