Target4Green Educational Consultancy and Training is a specialised, hands-on, community centreed company dedicated to supporting schools across the world in Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship, as well as working with companies in the creation and initiation of effective educational and CSR Programmes.

Target4Green was founded by Peter Milne, a former teacher with over 20 years’ experience and in-depth knowledge of British and IB Curricula. Throughout his career in the UK, Malaysia and Dubai, Peter took on dedicated roles that developed and enhanced ESD and outdoor learning opportunities.

By providing crucial links in making children and adults more aware of the global issues we face together, Target4Green brings all elements of sustainability together in thought-provoking and dynamic ways through practical workshops, seminars, assemblies, presentations and experiential learning opportunities.

Target4Green and the Sustainable Development Goals

Amongst other work Target4Green does in schools to raise awareness on environmental issues and sustainability, we are also a GLP Provider, offering a course entitled: Child Protection: Children and Environmental Rights.

This course shares an overview of the environmental problems most affecting children and looks at how human impacts on the environment affect the basic rights of children. There is an intimate link between the physical environments that children and youth occupy and the quality of their lives. Their housing, the water that they drink, the air they breathe, the traffic on their streets, and the quality of their schools and neighbourhoods all have impacts on their health, happiness and long term development.

Another major project supporting the post Paris and SDGs agenda is Beyond COP21 Symposium, which is a youth and school mobilization platform raising awareness and action from students 10-18 and teachers around sustainable development issues, with the support of Eco-Schools Global, Roots & Shoots (Jane Goodall's conservation organization) and

It was initiated by Peter Milne, Founder/Director of Target4Green and launched in Dubai in January 2016.

The full day event consists of themed high impact presentations from, and discussions with, guest speakers on the Agenda 2030 and climate negotiations in and beyond Paris; individual & community action; pledges making and practical activities/workshops.

Local sustainable companies and organisations are invited to showcase their initiatives and engage with students and a number of local schools are invited to attend for the whole day.

The global series will continue to 2030 and as of April 2017, has taken place in Dubai, Jordan and the UK, with future events for 2017/2018 confirmed for Singapore and Jordan.

To find out more please contact Peter Milne

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