Terre Initiative Limited was launched by and works under the auspices of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). Its role is to work with the Committee on Housing and Land Management through its Real Estate Market Advisory Group (REM). Its main role is to help bring together all participants in a real estate market (either public or private sector, related organisations and government bodies, etc) to help advise the 56 member States when requested. In particular to highlight the services and organisations available from other member States, especially in our case the UK.

Terre Initiative and the Sustainable Development Goals

Almost all projects, seminars, meetings, etc. related to the UN include the SDGs. We have the ability to hear what other member States are doing in this regard and advise, where appropriate, the rest of the 56 member States, especially the UK. We have prepared a short paper on how the Built Environment can have direct impact on 11 of the SDGs and can bring beneficial affects to the remainder.

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