The Global Academy's mission is:

Accelerating progress towards the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) by engaging the worlds researchers, research institutions and research funders who are generating the evidence to support positive change.

To deliver this mission, our ambition is to build a global online platform which will generate an evidence base for positive change, based around the Global Goals. We are initially focused on ensuring a strong UK core to our work.

About the Global Academy and the Sustainable Development Goals 

Our activities fall into three main areas. All are closely aligned with supporting the delivery of the SDGs by 2030 - this is our core purpose. The areas where we are focused are:

  1. Building an easy-to-use and value-adding online platform to showcase the work of researchers whose work is of direct relevance to the achievement of the UN Goals and targets by 2030. We are designing individual researcher pages alongside early 'trailblazer' researchers. We are 'location agnostic' - it is the research itself that counts for us. This means that the researchers may be based in academic institutions such as universities, in independent research organisations, or be working in a commercial environment.
  2. Building a resource as part of the platform for the use of research groups, or larger Institutes which have a major research focus on work which will support the delivery of the SDGs. These pages perform both a showcase function and are well placed to support the attraction of both research funding and high quality researchers for the future.
  3. Building a further resource which is suitable for displaying the work of whole institutions, such as universities, which have major strands of research work relevant to the achievement of the SDGs. This gives the institution a more globally-focused presence than their own websites

One of the key elements of our work is to help those in authority, and those who fund research, to identify both where there is significant research work underway, and perhaps more importantly, where there are research 'gaps' that need to be filled.

To support our work we are doing a number of other activities to raise the profile of the need for research on the Global Goals such as workshops with the RSA and taking part in the SDG 'Game'. All of this activity is within the UK which is the major focus of our early work.

We produce regular briefings on our work.

To find out more about the Global Academy please contact Steve Fairman

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