The Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES) is a membership organisation that represents over 3,000 professionals from fields as diverse as air quality, land contamination and education - wherever you find environmental work underpinned by science. A visionary organisation leading debate, dissemination and promotion of interdisciplinary, systems-based environmental science and sustainability, the IES promotes an evidence-based approach to decision and policy making.

The IES and the Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable development and sustainability are at the core of our mission, with the Institution’s aims stating that it exists “To promote the role of environmental sciences and sustainable development in higher education, the workplace, the professions and society at large”. The Sustainable Development Goals align closely with the work of the Institution and its members, and are the focus of several ongoing projects. The IES is particularly interested in how interdisciplinary partnerships and collaboration can be fostered to deliver on the Goals, and the role of environmental scientists in working towards Agenda 2030.

Amongst other projects, the IES is currently working with UKSSD on an edition of the Institution’s journal, the environmental SCIENTIST, due for publication in Autumn 2017, which will explore the role of science and scientists in delivering the SDGs through a range of case studies and discussion pieces.

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