The Microbiology Society is a membership charity for scientists interested in microbes, their effects and their practical uses. It is one of the largest microbiology societies in Europe with a worldwide membership based in universities, industry, hospitals, research institutes, and schools.

Our principal goal is to develop, expand and strengthen the networks available to our members so that they can generate new knowledge about microbes and ensure that it is shared with other communities. The impacts from this will drive us towards a world in which the science of microbiology provides maximum benefit to society.

The Microbiology Society and the Sustainable Development Goals

Microbiologists are involved in addressing challenges that vary from urgent problems demanding immediate solutions, such as new and emerging diseases, through to long-term issues, like antimicrobial drug resistance, food security, and environmental sustainability.

We are embarking on an ambitious project that will celebrate and champion the important role of microbiology in addressing the world’s biggest challenges, within the global framework of the UN SDGs. The aim of this project is to demonstrate the value, and raise the profile of microbiology in achieving the UN SDGs, and to raise the profile of the SDGs within the microbiology community in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The project will promote knowledge exchange and multi-disciplinary collaborations by bringing together members, microbiologists, scientists, industry, NGOs, and policy-makers, to champion the importance of microbiology in sustainable development. Microbiological expertise will be used to provide context to the SDGs, highlight synergies and trade-offs, identify and explore solutions, and influence national and international implementation plans.

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