The Social Value Portal is an on-line solution that allows organisations to embed social value into their core activities and processes, by measuring and managing the contribution that they make to society together with their supply chains.

Our solution allows organisations to report both non-financial and financial data to evidence their contribution in a transparent way. We measure environmental, social and economic impact and help design measurement and delivery systems for additional social value that are meaningful to and empower stakeholders.

Our mission is to promote better business and community wellbeing through the integration of Social Value into day to day business and the uptake The Social Value Act.

The Social Value Portal and the Sustainable Development Goals 

We support organisations to design and manage social value initiatives that contribute to the SDGs, helping them embed the resulting social impact objectives into their day to day operations.

We have published a free online tool that connects standard social value interventions as framed in the National TOMs Framework for Social Value Measurement to the SDGs.

There is clear alignment between the sustainability agenda promoted by the SDGs and the social value one promoted by the National TOMs Framework. Organisations delivering social value through the National TOMs are very likely to be contributing to the SDGs.

For those organisations that are already contributing or want to start to contribute to the SDGs, we have created a tool that helps leverage the National TOMs Framework’s power to mobilise resources, connect organisations across sectors, and empower communities to take ownership of their needs.

This interactive tool will help organisations answer the questions: “How Can the National TOMs Contribute to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development?” – and explore how different Measures contribute to specific Goals.

To find out more please contact The Social Value Portal.