Trees for Cities is the only UK charity working at a national and international scale to improve lives by creating greener cities. We work with communities to cultivate lasting social and environmental change – whether it’s revitalising forgotten green spaces, creating healthier environments or growing healthy food with school children.

We plant trees in urban areas where the benefits they bring to communities have the greatest impact. Our thorough approach to engaging the community in our work means that local people are at the heart of what we do with consultation, participation and education, which are central to  our projects.

Trees for Cities and the Sustainable Development Goals

Creating green infrastructure is key to tackling social and environmental problems, and is a sustainable solution to enhance the health and happiness of people living in towns and cities. Not only do trees sequester carbon emissions and capture gases and particles that pollute the air we breathe, they also provide homes for urban wildlife like bats, birds and pollinators. Community-led tree planting promotes social cohesion, bringing people together creating social bridges between residents and physical links in green space.

Access to high quality green spaces provides opportunities for reflection, recreation and relaxation enhancing positive mental health outcomes and increasing the chance of people getting the recommended amount of exercise. Vibrant tree species allow people to learn more about nature on their doorsteps and provide natural havens in busy, noisy and polluted urban environments.

The World Health Organization regards childhood obesity as one of the most serious global public health challenges for the 21st century.Edible Playgrounds help to tackle these issues head-on, by providing children with access to nature. Our fun and engaging lessons support the school curriculum and help to instil healthy eating habits at an early age. Edible Playgrounds transform school grounds into vibrant outdoor teaching gardens that inspire hands-on learning and get children excited about growing and eating healthy food. 

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